8 Nov

Hello, my name is “Meriina” and I´m a middle-aged woman and a housewife. I have four children. I´m not working anywhere else than at my home at this time because my youngest child is still not even 2 years old and I´m hoping for to take care of her at home at least for one year yet.  My hobbies are reading, doing housework and doing things with my children. For instance. It´s been a long time since I´ve been studying english at school so my english must be quite sad or worse. But I´m interested in learning more and trying to remember what I´ve learned earlier. I`m looking forward to interesting studies in english and learning business vocabulary and many things about foreign cultures or working skills in english. I hope that english in polytechnic is not much more difficult for me than before and I hope that it will be more interesting too. I think that learning different languages is the most interesting subject for me at school, so I don´t want to fail very bad 🙂